Location:  6975 W. Robinson Road ( about 3 mi. from Lake Michigan )

Club Phone (Unattended) Please Leave a Message: 1-231-526-8992
You May Contact HSOC By Regular USPS Or Electronic Mail.

Harbor Springs Outdoors Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 502
Harbor Springs, MI 49740

Electronic Mail:

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Listed Below Are Officers And Trustees That May Be Contacted For Additional Club Information Or Arrangements. Please Be Considerate When Calling, As These Are Home Phone Numbers.

President: TBA
Vice President: Mr. Tim Grimm 231-526-5370
Recording & Financial Secretary: Mr. Ron McRae  231-881-0861
Treasurer: Mr. Fred Simons 231-590-5379
Membership Secretary: Mr. John Kintz  231-347-0299
MUCC Representative: Mr. Terry True 248-476-7885
Trustee: Mr. Rob Parson   231-526-5698
Trustee: Mr. Patrick Dowd 678-923-6807
Trustee: Mr. Bruce Clutter 614-402-3920